Freelancers vs Software Development Companies: The Summary -Part-II

Freelancers Software Development Companies
Lower Rates Higher Rates
Skilled in one specific area Skilled in many different areas
Can disappear Cannot disappear
Multi-tasking Each employee is responsible for one job
One-time association Long-term association
Don’t care about the client’s project Care about client’s project
Confidentiality concerns Fewer confidentiality concerns and legal issues
Best for specific small tasks Best for big project/ startups
No support after project completion Constant updates and support

Who should you choose?

At the very beginning of this article, we mentioned that there’s no definite answer as to whether freelancers or software development companies are the “better” choice. Professional freelancers can be great for handling the tasks they specialize in, but more sophisticated mobile or web solutions are likely to require a larger team. Freelancers appear more flexible; but in fact, small agile companies are no less flexible and able to respond to changes in requirements. That’s why everything depends on the particular project, your own technical skills, and on how much money, time and effort you are ready to contribute.

Remember to find a contractor whose experience matches your needs and never decide on cost alone. Software development companies may even help you save money in the long run. Finally, make sure to protect your own interests with regard to intellectual property and legal concerns. We hope this will help you make a wise choice. Good luck with your project!

Courtesy:-Viktoria K.


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